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Capture Your Creativity - f32 Photography 10 Week Online Beginners Course

Lavender Under Plastic - Castle Farm, Shoreham near Sevenoaks

Lavender Under Plastic - Castle Farm, Shoreham near Sevenoaks

  • Are you disappointed with the pictures that you take?

  • Are you thinking of buying your first proper camera?

  • Are you confused by your camera’s buttons and menus?

  • Do you lack the confidence to take your camera off ‘Auto’

  • Are you envious of other people’s social media photos?

  • Do you want to take your photography more seriously?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes then you need then our f32 Photography Basics Course is for you 

The f32 Basic Course focuses on unleashing your creativity and producing amazing photographs that tell a story. Our unique approach to training highlights the importance of the creative aspect of photography, rather than getting bogged down on the complicated technical details.

With unlimited access to video materials and weekly online classes, you'll have everything you need at your fingertips to take your photography skills to the next level.

We give you weekly creative assignments that push you to explore different techniques and styles together with personalised feedback on your work from your tutor. Join us at f32 and start capturing the world from your own unique perspective. Our training program is perfect for beginners looking for a comprehensive and enjoyable course in photography.

The f32 Program for Photography Beginners

 Learning to Take Your Best Pictures Ever

My approach to teaching beginners is different to many other tutors. Because I want you to start taking better photographs from day one, I start by teaching  the core skills of composition, seeing, and editing in Adobe Lightroom Classic, as these are the essential building blocks of your photography journey. 

I have proved over the last 5 years that this is the best approach to learning photography. Why? Because it means that you will produce great photographs from the start and have the essential core skills to build on as we cover more advanced topics during later lessons.

Composition is the language of visual storytelling. By focusing on composition techniques such as rule of thirds, leading lines, and framing, you'll learn how to create well-balanced and visually compelling images. 

Developing your seeing skills compliments your composition. I will help you to train your eye to recognize photographic opportunities, identify interesting subjects, and capture the essence of a scene. 

Editing your images is as important as learning to take the picture and I believe that introducing editing skills early, combined with  composition and seeing skills provides the best possible foundation for the rest of the course. 

London Street Photography by Paul Burgess

Street Photography Image from one of my London Street Photography workshops

How Are the Classes Structured?

In my engaging and interactive 10-week beginners class, I provide a unique learning experience that goes beyond theory. 

Each class begins with an insightful and review of the pictures submitted as homework from the previous lesson, allowing us to celebrate progress and provide constructive feedback.

We then delve into the core topic of the day, focusing on one essential aspect of photography.  I will guide you through practical examples, inspiring discussions, and hands-on exercises that enhance your understanding and skills.

To reinforce each lesson's teachings, we end the class with a discussion of the homework topic for the upcoming week. This exercise challenges you to apply what you've learned during the class, experiment with new techniques, and express your unique vision through photography. It also creates a supportive community where you can share ideas, insights, and inspire one another.

My beginners courses are delivered on Zoom. I find this better than a face-to-face approach, as it is much easier to for everyone to share their images online and for me to record classes. All classes are recorded, so if you miss a lesson, or want to look back at a particular topic, you can access the recordings, and the 'cheat sheet' for each topic from the members area of this website. 

Dandelions - Chevening, Sevenoaks looking towards the North Downs

Dandelions - Chevening, Sevenoaks looking towards the North Downs using a wide angle lens and small aperture for maximum depth of focus

What Subjects will the Course Cover?

Over the 10 weeks the course will cover:


  • Getting to grips with your camera – what the buttons and menus do

  • How and when to use different lenses

  • Rules of composition – how to use them and when to break them

  • Learning to see interesting photographs.

  • How to edit your pictures using Adobe Lightroom Classic

  • Aperture – why it is important and how to use different apertures to achieve different effects.

  • Shutter Speeds – How to use different shutter speeds to capture movement in different ways.

  • ISO Settings – What they mean and how to use them in differing lighting conditions.

  • How to optimise your images for Social Media – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

The River Darent at Lullingstone Castle, near Sevenoaks

The River Darent at Lullingstone Castle, near Sevenoaks. Long exposure to show movement in the water

What Equipment Will I Need?

To undertake the course you will need:

A camera  - Any DSLR, Bridge or Mirrorless camera is fine. If your camera has interchangeable lenses, the basic kit lens that comes with the camera will be fine for this course. Unfortunately you can't do this course with a smartphone as you can't control it in the same way as a camera (I run a short course for phone photographers)

A subscription to the Adobe Photographers plan and access to Zoom on your PC/Laptop

I will be teaching Adobe Lightroom Classic for image editing and so it is best that you have Lightroom Classic on your desktop or laptop computer, together with the Zoom app so that you can share images with the rest of the class. The Adobe Photographer Plan subscription is £9.98 per month and includes a full copy of Adobe Photoshop, which will be useful when you get to a more advanced level. You can opt for other editing software but I won't be teaching techniques other than in Lightroom. You can find details and subscribe here (you will need the Photography Plan - Column 1)

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